About us

The inspiration

At the origin of this collection of creations to be infused, there is an expatriation in the country of the gin:England. After several years of crafting cocktails in the capital’s bars and a growing interest in Gin, Chloë was led to a rather original idea: create recipes for cold brew Gin Tonic.

Gin is a neutral spirit that leaves room for limitless imaginative combinations. Infuse Me blends are inspired by London bar cocktails, meetings with herbalists and spice merchants. This collection of six assemblages is the result of a great work of selection betweeninnumerable botanicals and the experimentation of many preparations.

These preparations are the result of processes ranging from dehydration to the smoking of citrus fruits in beech wood, all in a 100% artisanal way with 100% natural products.

The intention: To convey the complexity of a cocktail through the simplicity of an infusion.


Cocktail crafts, artisanal
Fruits déshydratés, coupés.

“A 100% handmade production, we transform our raw materials, assemble them and close our cocoon bags by hand. A work of an extreme meticulousness for an incomparable quality.”

Infuse Me is also a brand committed to the planet:

100% Natural

100% Made in France

100% Handcrafted

We perform all our operations by hand

Zero Plastic Commitment

The actors of the project

Chloë Laigre, founder, creator of the assemblies, in charge of commercial development.

Alexandre Hardouin, co-founder, in charge of strategic and financial issues.

A big thank you to all those who have participated in the development of this project:

YAO, Endowment fund for the entrepreneurial youth of Brittany.

Damien Ouvrard, Director of the communication agency Imagic and Sponsor at YAO.

Benoit Le Ray, graphic designer: Complete elaboration of the packaging n°2.

Benoit Francou, food photographer : Studio and Lifestyle photography.

Sébastien Marchand, photographer : Cocktail and Lifestyle photography.

Rachel Jane Parry, London-based artist: Logo design and graphic design #1.

Adèle Mesmin, graphic designer : Development of the packaging n°3 and the commercial supports.

Arielle Meyer, for her expert advice on communication.

Axelle Anger, cocktail bartender: Her sharing, ideas and support.

Fanch’ Fuselier, webmaster, webdesigner: website design.