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About us

Cocktail inspiration

The origins of this collection of home-brew creations lie in an expatriation to the land of gin: England. After several years making cocktails and mocktails in the capital’s bars, and a growing interest in gin, Chloë came up with a rather original idea: to create cold-brew recipes for Gin Tonic.

Gin is a neutral spirit that leaves room for limitless imaginative combinations. Infuse Me blends are inspired by London bar cocktails and encounters with herbalists and spice merchants. After countless experiments using several botanicals, fruits, herb and spice mixes, this collection of six unique blends have been carefully selected to form perfectly balanced and delicious Gin and Tonic infusions.

The process to create each unique blend ranges from dehydrating to smoking citrus fruits in beechwood, all 100% handmade with 100% natural products.

The intention: to convey the complexity of a premium cocktail through the simplicity of an infusion.

Making infusion bags

Chloë trie les baies de genièvres pour les importer dans les sachets Infuse Me
Chloë coupe des oranges afin de les déshydraté et de les importer dans les sachets Infuse Me
Chloë épluche des oranges pour les importer dans les sachets Infuse Me

“100% handmade, we process our raw materials, assemble them and seal our cocoon bags by hand in France. Extremely meticulous work for incomparable quality.”

Infuse Me is not just a brand that offers you original homemade cocktails.

It’s also a brand that cares about the planet and respects its values. All our products are 100% natural,with no artificial additives. We use biodegradable corn fibre bags and recycled and recyclable kraft cardboard boxes.

With Infuse Me, you can enjoy premium cocktails while protecting the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have been awarded with “Remarkable Initiative” label.. This label attests to our commitment on a number of levels, particularly in terms of social, environmental and local issues.

Our commitment to social responsibility is demonstrated by the fact that our assemblies are designed in Rennes, while our boxes are carefully folded at ESAT, a centre for disabled workers in Noyal-sur-Vilaine (35).

Our commitment to sustainable development:

the use of environmentally-friendly products in the design of our cocktail infusion bags.

95% of our ingredients are organic

100% of our ingredients are natural.

Our bags are made from biodegradable corn fibre.

Our commitment to the development of Brittany means working closely with partners who share our ethical values.

We are members of the Collège Culinaire de France, a group set up by 15 leading French chefs, and are part of a privileged network of gastronomy professionals. This association puts quality producers and artisans in touch with chefs, providing a solid guarantee of quality.

Infuse Me est labellisé Collège Culinaire de France