Enhance the iconic Gin & Tonic

Make a homemade cocktail with ease

Build Up Your Drink

The complexity of a cocktail through the simplicity of an infusion

Handcrafted product

Recipes thought and designed by bartenders


Carefully selected ingredient blends

Infusions for Gin & Tonic?

Thought for the neophytes or the enlightened amateurs who want to discover new flavours.

Infuse Me is an original concept that allows you to recreate signature cocktails at home.

These are infusions specially designed to enhance the iconic Gin & Tonic, with or without alcohol.

A bottle of gin, some tonic, an Infuse Me cocoon and you’re done.

In a few minutes, you will have a new and perfectly balanced drink.

The Infuse Me boxes and pouches are now available on a continuous basis.

Yellow Me

Our commitments

A selection of 100% natural ingredients

Blends offlowers, fruits, and spices.

No added coloring, preservatives or flavors.

100% Handcrafted & Made in France

Our fruits are cut, zested and dehydrated by hand. Our bags are closed and checked one by one in our workshop in Brittany.

Our bags are made of biodegradable corn fiber. Our boxes are made of recycled and recyclable kraft cardboard, all with a zero plastic commitment.

100% eco-responsible product

A pre-order system

In accordance with our values of reasoned consumption, we have chosen to break with the classic purchase model and to opt for pre-ordering.

What is the pre-order at Infuse Me?

The principle is simple, we work in limited quantities and we take into account the orders even before starting the production.

The idea, to fight against overproduction by anticipating our stocks in relation to our needs and thus ensuring you an incomparable artisanal quality.

We have chosen to produce less to produce better.

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The principle of cold infusion

8 minutes, 6 steps 3 ingredients


The answer to your questions is surely here.

Cold brewing is based on the same principle as the classic hot brewing. The difference is that the infusion may take longer. To accelerate the reaction, it is recommended to let the bag infuse for a few minutes in the gin alone and then add the ice and tonic.

To brew, we highly recommend a London Dry. A neutral gin and qualitative gin which allows to release the aromas of the cocktail without taking over its initial taste.

Choose a neutral neutral, unflavored tonic. For the fizzy side, prefer a tonic in a glass bottle that better preserves carbon dioxide. And remember, tonic is ¾ of your drink, so the better your tonic, the better your cocktail.

Using the same bag is possible. However, you should know that after the first infusion, the aromas lose some of their strength. The cocktail will be much lighter in flavor and the color may fade.

The blends were designed to infuse in Gin. However, if you don’t like gin, you can also infuse your bag in vodka, a white alcohol, neutral. However, we advise you to use tonic to complete your cocktail and thus find the flavors of the original recipes.

Replacing the tonic with another soda could clog the flavors of the bag. For a sweeter side why not try a little lemonade?

Yes in hot infusion without the gin, more classic. You have to know that the taste will be very different. The infusion having been created to be infused in Gin & Tonic.

All the products used come from plants. They are spices, botanicals, citrus fruits or flowers. As far as packaging is concerned, the materials used are eco-responsible corn fiber bags, recycled and recyclable cardboard and recyclable cardboard box. Commitment zero plastic.

For the Mocktail version, the steps to follow are almost the same as for the alcoholic version. Let your sachet infuse in a few centilitres of tonic alone at first doubling the indicated infusion time then complete with the rest of the tonic.

We recommend a dose of classic bar gin, i.e. 40mL or 4cl and 150mL, 15cl of tonic, or the equivalent of 2⁄3 of a small bottle. By respecting these ratios, you are sure to get the perfect balance for your drink.

Our best before date is set at 6 months. However, our products are not perishable. Once the date has passed, it is likely that some blends will lose their taste intensity. For a better conservation, we advise you to close your box or your pouch well after use and to keep them in a dry place.

Our infusion colors are drawn directly from nature. It is about flowers, plants, spices dyes. There is no trace of coloring in our recipes. That’s why they evolve over time as the infusion progresses.

The brewing time is indicated with the recipes in the box and on the back of the pouches.

Infuse first in 5cl of gin then add ice cubes, tonic and garnish.

Infusion times : Orange Me: 3 minutes, Pink Me, Purple Me, 5 minutes. Black Me, Green Me, Yellow Me 8 minutes.

Caution: Orange Me can be very smoky if you let it steep longer than 3 minutes, feel free to remove your bag according to your taste.

For the majority of the recipes, it is advised to leave your bagThe blend can continue to infuse for another ½ hour. However, if you like the taste and want to remove the infusion, you can do so as well.

Warning: Orange Me can be very smoky if you let it brew longer than 3 minutes, don’t hesitate to remove your bag according to your taste.

Yes! Send us an email to info@infuseme.fr and we will see together how to send it.

Send us an email to info@infuseme.fr and we will see if it is possible to ship your package in time.

We don’t have an official store, but we are present on several sales points in France. For more details on our real time inventory in the outlets feel free to send us an email or a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Write to us by mail on info@infuseme.fr, on our social networks, instagram, facebook and Linkedinwe will be happy to answer.