The box

An explosion of colors and spices 100% natural

The Infuse me box

The Infuse Me box is a tasting box.

It includes the complete mix of all our cocktail infusions with their aromatic garnishes.

The Infuse Me box contains 18 cocoons of infusions.

Six recipes with unique flavor profiles in triplicate.

Each comes with dried fruit garnishes to complement your Gin & Tonic.

Green me

Aromatic profile: Herbaceous, Aniseed

Lime and lemongrass for freshness, verbena for the herbaceous side, star anise for the aniseed note.

To be enjoyed well chilled.

Garnish: Dehydrated lime fragment

Dress : Green

Green Me

Purple me

Aromatic profile: peppery and floral

Juniper berries to get back to the essence of gin, pink berries, a combination of rare Voatsiperifery pepper and flowers to bring some sweetness.

To be enjoyed well chilled.

Garnish : Juniper berries

Dress : Violet

Purple Me

pink me

Aromatic profile: Fruity, acidulous and floral

A combination of red fruits composed of whole strawberries and raspberries for greediness coupled with hibiscus flowers for a floral and acidic note.

To be enjoyed well chilled.

Garnish:pink grapefruit fragment

Color : Pale pink to red

Pink Me

Yellow me

Aromatic profile: acidulous, spicy

A citrus cocktail combining lemon and orange bringing a good dose of freshness and acidity adorned with ginger and turmeric for complexity and power.

To be enjoyed well chilled.

Garnish: dehydratedlemon fragment

Color : Pale yellow

Yellow Me

Orange me

Aromatic profile: smoky and powerful

An explosion of flavors from beechwood smoked orange peels blended with Fujian Lapsong Souchong black tea for more intensity.

To be enjoyed well chilled.

Garnish:dehydrated blood orange fragment

Color : Orange

Orange Me

Black me

Aromatic profile: Spicy and Intense

Cassia cinnamon sticks, orange peels for greed and power combined with chamomile flowers for sweetness.

To be enjoyed well chilled.

Garnish:dehydrated orange fragment

Dress: Dark Grey to Black